yak: trekking-cart-hybrid

A backpack, able to be transformed into a cart: This is yak. It is used on long-lasting and long-distance trekkings far from urban surroundings. By converting it into a cart, the felt load goes down by 50%. Owners gain greater independence in choosing their trekking-routes.

Inspired by the talks with lodge-holders and the visits of trekking stores, the goal was to create a product that gives more freedom in offroad-traveling by feet. Coming across a lot of self-made wheeled backpacks has been a big influence for the concept in the research phase. The community is looking for an integrated and compact design!

In both modes, the belt around the waist remains fastened. Carrying weight on the wheel spares the users back. In this mode – thanks to the white carbon shell – stability is given and the baggage close to the ground is protected. It is even possible to bind more baggage on top using the straps. On easy tracks, the handles can be attached to the belt. Passing through more difficult terrain, the traveler can grab them to keep the balance. While reaching the base camp, the frame and the wheel can be detached to reduce weight for the last climb.

Projekt:  In cooperation with Tobias Kauer, 2016